Augmented Reality/ Storrytelling/ Mobile Experience/ Virtual Kinetic Sculptures

Ephemeral consists of three site-specific AR installations. Each of the installations characterizes one emotion: lost and exploration, excitement, and desperation. It explores the technique of objectifying emotions into augmented reality scenes at specific locations. Users see through a mobile app to watch these stories and experience the emotions.

During my first summer in New York, many of my friends visited me and slept in my living room. Since my apartment is close to the Hudson River Park, I always took them to the park for a walk in the evenings. They shared with me their stories of the city: hopes, dreams, sweet and broken hearts. I have lived in the city for three years now, but not as many friends visited me since that summer. Sometimes they came, but they no longer slept in my living room. This project is for the ephemeral summer nights that will never happen again.

Deeply inspired by a sculpture piece, Ephemeral explores the potential forms of kinetic sculptures in augmented reality. I chose a wireframe material because its transparent texture delivers the feeling of memory: it looked like a shadow in the day, and glowing particles at nights.

Users who download the app can see and explore the AR experience I created at the Hudson River Park. Users have to go to the exact area in order for the virtual sculptures to show up. As the camera moves away, the sculpture vanishes. The app Ephemeral is essentially an AR magazine of the city, and it will help you understand the city in a unique, emotional and romantic way.