*Fuchs Questions

*The World of the Play

What is space like? It’s a narrow, private space, mostly in people’s apartment: sometimes in Lemon’s parents house, sometimes in Lemon’s bedroom, sometimes in Aunt Dan’s friend’s apartment or some restaurants she went to.

What is time like? The time in this story is Lemon’s life long memories about Aunt Dan

What is the climate like? Mostly summertime, feels warm, hot humid weather and build up a very intimate but repression conversation atmosphere.

What is the mood? What is the tone? The mood is like their conversation: intimate, repression and a little stubborn, the tone of the plot is pretty dark

What is the pattern of sound? Human conversation are the main sound of the play, and for the most of the time the pattern is steady, since is a narration from Lemon’s memory, so they are mainly from Lemon’s perspective. Still, some parts of the conversation are pretty intense, such as the Argument between Lemon’s mother and Aunt Dan about Kissinger’s. So the pattern sound of those part are pretty frequent and intense.

*The Social World of the Play

Is this a public world, or private? What are its class rules? It’s a private world of Lemon’s memory, there’s no clear class rules, only mentioned at the beginning part that there are writers and scholar who do not have a clear principle of “good” or “bad” work, while the others, like Lemon’s father, their work has a total different rules. From this part, the author divided this world into two class: writers, scholars and the rest.

How do figures appear? They just show up directly when since the plot follows Lemon’s memory, therefore, whenever Lemon thinks of them, they just directly show up in the play.

How do figures dress? There’s no specific description for every figure except aunt Dan. The author carefully describe the first time when Lemon’s mother met aunt Dan to set up a more vivid characteristic for aunt Dan. The other character who has a clear description of outlook is Mindy, same use.

How do figures interact? They mainly interact with aunt Dan, and Lemon describe them through aunt Dan’s conversation. Very little interaction happen directly with Lemon, she only directly spoke to her parents and aunt Dan, so all the interaction is from an objective point of view, more like a silent observation.

Who has power on this planet? Aunt Dan

What are the language habits? Personal, intimate.

What Changes?

First image: “London. A dark room. A woman named Lemon, born in 1960. She sits in an armchair, weak and sick.”

Last image: “The dark room, as at the beginning of the play.”

Central image: Lemon’s parents house, where the conversation between aunt Dan, Lemon and Lemon’s mother happened.

Why was it essential to move through the central image to get from the first to the last? This play is a flashback of Lemon’s memory, it make perfect sense when a person finish recall and get back to the reality again.

What changes in the landscape? It moves from Lemon’s apartment to her childhood house, to aunt Dan’s memories, mainly in London, and then move back to Lemon’s house again.

What changes in time? The age of the figures, some people die, some people grow old.

What Does the World Demand of Me? The conversation between Lemon and aunt Dan inspired people to think about the issues they are talking about. The topic is pretty dark and sensitive, several times while reading I feel awkward and uncomfortable to continue read, I think that’s the demand of this world from me: to participate in their conversation as a listener, and to think or argue with point of view from the figures.

*Concept Sentences

*Simple Sentence

A Fascism conversation between Aunt Dan and Lemon.

*Complex Sentence

Lemon’s memory of aunt Dan and the society they lived in at United States from 1950-1970.

*Three to Five Sentence version of the story

Lemon was born and raised up lonely in England during Vietnam War period of time in history, her father was an American, he met her mother, an English girl at Oxford. When Lemon met Aunt Dan when she was a child, Aunt Dan was the best friend of her parents, and later, she became Lemon’s best friend as well despite the age difference.
Aunt Dan and Lemon talked about many political issue about that moment of time, they worship Kissinger together, talk about different political propositions including some radical topic like Fascism. Meanwhile, the friendship between Aunt Dan and Lemon’s parents end due to different political and life values, while the friendship between Lemon and Aunt Dan still continued, Aunt Dan talked about her friends and life in London which left huge impact on Lemon. These impacts still exist long on Lemon after Aunt Dan’s death, including the way she understand the world and the relationship between people in this society .