The idea for this project is to use the data from MoMA collection to find out how many female artists’ artworks has been exhibited in the past centry. I divided the data to 5 groups:

artworkPerYr[0]: 1915-1935; artworkPerYr[1]: 1935-1955; artworkPerYr[2]: 1955-1975; artworkPerYr[3]: 1975-1995; artworkPerYr[4]: 1995-2015;

And assign the result to the visualization variable : Copy. Therefore, when the video is moving faster, it means during that 20 years, there were more female artists’ artwork in MoMA exhibition, when it’s moving slower, it mean there were less.

The visualization part is inspired by the tutorial video flit-scan. Instead of using the screen capture video Shiffmen showed in the video, I edit a video from Artsy, which talks about the important elements of the art piece in Museum, and that’s where the color glitch came from :)

Edited video(Originally from Artsy’s officila vimeo account):

MoMA Collection Database: