LinkNYC is a public WIFI station that provide fast Wifi connection on the street. You can connect your own mobile device to the fast WIFI through LinkNYC on the street, such as your cell phone, ipad and desktop.

The way it works is very like connect to the WIFI in the airport, you need to select the internet in the Wifi selection, choose LinkNYC and then enter your email address to confirm. After that, you can just use the Wifi on the street as you are in your office. It usually takes people around 5-10 minutes to use it. It takes a while to connect to the Wifi, and that’s probably the most stressful part of it. Some people did not have enough patient wait till their device connect to the linkNYC tower, and they just left.

I like the idea of LinkNYC a lot since it provide a more convenient life for people who need to take care of emergency work on the street, who need to be at a place while cellphone out of battery, and also, for people who want to explore the city more. But during my observation there’s one person just stand there playing loud music while charging through the tower.