After struggling for a week and talk to tons of people, I decided to change a different approach direction to discuss the topic of social media image. In my original idea I tends to give a solid opinion to my user that we should focus more on the real life instead of social media images, and after some thoughts I decided instead of giving a certain point of view myself , I would like to give a question to my user: what do you want your instagram looks like?

It will still be the same setting:


Inspired by Or Fleisher’s work, I decided to make the visual part with my own image database w2_p1

The brief process will be like below:

First activated the camera by stepping on the mat in front of the screen.

The material of the mat is Acrylic, attached with pressure sensor. When the user step on, it will light up, and turn on the camera and the lights on the mirror. w2_p1


And then the screen will generate a sketch of the user, and then use clmtrackr to establish the facial tracking, which will generate a real-time mask, and underneath the mask will be the image/ video from my own imagery data set. w2_p1


There will be several touch button on the screen which the user can choose their own preference. And based on their choice the screen side will show different videos/Images and generate different mask effects.

The interaction ends when the user step out of the mat. All the lights turn off, so did the camera and screen. Only the mirror stay the same. Hopefully after of the interaction, the user will aware the fact that we are overwhelmed with social media, and think about their own behaviors, whether they are controlling or controlled by the social media.


Week 1: Make a acrylic mat with pressure sensor, step on and activate the camera to draw the sketch. Adjust the pressure sensor. Step out of the mat erase all the previous data and restart.
Week 2: Step on the mat and turn on the light one by one on the mirror and then turn on the camera
Week 3: Put in touch screen with buttons and make it work with different visual effects.